Circuit Protection

A circuit breaker equipped with an Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System can improve safety by providing a simple and reliable method to reduce fault clearing time.

Heinemann offers a number of equipment, branch and main circuit breaker products that meet American, European and Asian agency listings.

Eaton's vacuum circuit breakers provide centralized control and protection of medium voltage power equipment and circuits.

Eaton offers a wide range of high quality circuit breakers.

Protective relays provide you with unique microprocessor-based devices that eliminate unnecessary trips, isolate faults, protect motors and breakers, and provide system information to help you better manage your system.

Eaton’s vacuum interrupters are extensively used worldwide offering long life, low maintenance, and great reliability. They are a core solution for medium and high voltage switchgear, ring main units, pad mount units, circuit breakers, reclosers, tap changers, contactors and switches.

Eaton’s Equipment Life Extension and Modernization Business Unit offer a host of solutions for aging power systems to extend the useful life of electrical power systems.

Eaton provides comprehensive low voltage power circuit breaker solutions to meet the demands of power distribution systems worldwide.

Eaton is a world leader in the design and manufacture of medium voltage power fuses.

Eaton's molded case circuit breakers offer protection for low voltage distribution systems and increased performance in less space than many standard breakers or similar fusible devices.

Eaton's disconnects are used when a means of control, circuit protection and safety are needed. Switches and disconnects may be horsepower rated, and suitable for use in many applications.